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Car Seat Buckle Assistant - Unbuckle the Baby Easily!

Car Seat Buckle Assistant - Unbuckle the Baby Easily!

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Made in USA Buckle Pal

Quick Facts:

  • Unbuckle car seats easily!
  • Great gift for those with long nails, hand ailments such as arthritis, grandparents, and for anyone who has a hard time unbuckling a car seat
  • A lever arm reduces the force needed to unbuckle a car seat
  • Made of sturdy nylon plastic
  • Simple to use – Slide over buckle, press down on button, pull out buckles
  • Clasp included so you can attach it to your key chain
  • Fits most car seats
  • Made in the USA


Easy to Unbuckle Babies and Young Children

Simply slide over the car seat buckle, depress the button using the buckle pal, and release the buckles. This tool is perfect for those who have trouble unbuckling carseats.

Included: One Seat Buckle Assistant

Made in USA


American Made Baby Products' Review

As a mom that suffers from carpal tunnel, I sincerely appreciate this invention. It’s often hard to squeeze the buckle button and it can aggravates my wrist. This device helps a momma out!

We had the grandparents also test the device. Grandma can’t bring her grandkids anywhere by herself, because she can’t unbuckle the car seat due to her arthritis. She tested this device and was amazed. Finally it was safe for her to go on car adventure with her granddaughter. She can unbuckle the seat with ease. We agree that this is an amazing device that allows everyone to safely travel with the baby by assisting with the unbuckling process.

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